ATV Club Meeting and Ride Saturday, June 13th.

Hi Everyone,

Our club meeting and ride is this coming Saturday at 9 a.m. at the Ironton Legion 232 4th Street. We are going to meet inside the legion. We are going to ride from the Spider Lake trails up to Hackensack and stop for lunch. It is a really nice ride you don’t want to miss this one. Bring some snacks and beverages.

We collect our clubs membership dues in May, thank you to everyone who have already paid membership. If you have not already sent your dues, please send them now. $15.00 for single, $20.00 for family and $30.00 for businesses.   If your dues are not paid in full, I will remove your email and you will no longer receive any more club information from me. I hope you will consider staying with us, we planning to add more trails in the area.

Please mail them to our club address, and make your check payable to Cuyuna Iron Range Riders PO Box 301 Crosby, MN 56441-0301.

Last month we held our meeting at the section 6 trail head area. I don’t have any club minutes to share, no one took minutes and our meeting did not last long. Afterwards we broke up into a couple of groups and rode the trails picking up trash in the Miller Black Bear area and the Mississippi Northwoods area.

We hauled four trailers of tires cans; TV tubes, bottles, sheet medal and even a handicap walker to the county land fill. We got a lot done for the short time we were there, it started to snow and we all left early. Thank you to everyone for help out.

Some of the trails do need to be brushed; Dale, Larry Moses and Richard are going to be taking care of that soon. If you would like to help let me know we always need more people. Overall the trails are in pretty good shape.

The Crosby parade, Because of Brandon charity ride and county fair have all been canceled due to the virus.  We have not gotten any information from the DNR when we can host our ATV safety training class.

Pledge of Allegiance
Club dues -Ken
Treasure Report – Barb
Sabre Samurai brush cutter – Russ
Sand Creek bridge – Russ
Safe trail route into town
Adjourn 9:50
Please invite a friend
Ken Irish club president

May ATV Club Meeting & Trail Work and Ride

Hi Everyone,
Our club meeting & trail work day is this coming Saturday. The Ironton Legion is closed, we will meet at the Miller Black Bear trail head section six at 9 a.m. It is located off of Iverson road between the cities of Trommald and Riverton. Take county road 30, turn left on county road 34 towards Trommald. Follow 34 until the black top ends and turn left at the dirt intersection. Follow the dirt road and turn right at the Miller Black trail sign. For anyone that is not familiar with the area, I will be waiting in front of the Ironton Legion, 232 4 th Street at 8:30,  you can follow me. My plan is to have shorter meeting at the section 6 trail parking area.
 Our club membership dues are due this month. $15.00 for individual, $20.00 for family, and $30.00 for businesses. If you are not attending this meeting you can mail it to our club address, Make your check payable to the Cuyuna Iron Range Riders, PO box 301, Crosby, MN 56441-301. If you have already mailed your membership, thank you for staying with us! Our club is working on adding more trails in the area.
The weather forecast looks like mid 50s and partly sunny, dress accordingly
We are going break into a couple groups and replace any missing trail signs, pick up trash, clear low hanging branches, cut up any downed trees, and clean up around the picnic sites. If you’re planning to help with trail maintenance, bring a hand saw, loppers, rake, chain saw, and a cordless drill. If you don’t have any, don’t worry, several members do. To be covered under our grant in aid trail insurance you have to be a paid member. Keep track of your mileages; they are reimbursable under our grant agreement.
I want to have some fun also, we will come back around 12:30 and grill hotdogs at the trailhead and have a potluck lunch. I will bring the hotdogs, buns ketchup & mustard. Tom Simon is bring paper plates, forks, spoons, knifes and napkins. Potluck style, bring anything you like. Bring a lawn chair or two.  Afterwards we can ride.
Elections this month! Up for election is President, Secretary, and Board Members 1 & 2. Positions are a 2 year term. Out with the old, in with the new! Board members that wish to remain in their positions are welcome to, if unchallenged, of course.
 Pledge of Allegiance
Approve March meeting minutes
Treasure report –Barb
Because of Brandon charity event cancelled – Ken
Replace Trail tailings
Club logo – Dale
Sand Creek Bridge – Russ
Adjourn 9:40
Invite for friends and family
Thank you,
Ken Irish
Club president

Canceled – April 25th Trail Clean-up/Trail Work Day

Hi Everyone,

Our club had planned to do trail clean up work on the Miller Black trails & the Mississippi Northwoods trail this coming weekend. After taking with Russ & Andrew and we thought it would be best to hold off with all the covit 19 virus concerns until our May 9th meeting.

We will plan to get out that weekend and clean up the trails. Lets plan some fun also, we can grill dogs and have chips, pop and make a pot luck somewhere along the trail.

Ken Irish
club president

Canceled – April 11, 2020 ATV Club Meeting

Hi Everyone,

There will not be a club meeting this month due to the Covid -19 outbreak. We will have a meeting next month on May 9th. I’m waiting to see if governor Walz will open the businesses May 1 st. If he extends the deadline, and we can’t meet at the legion, will have the meeting at the section 6 trail head. Next month’s meeting, we are going to be working on the Miller Black Bear trails and the Mississippi North Woods trails. We will replace any missing signs, brushing, removing any downed trees, and cleaning up trash. Come prepared to work.

Let’s have some fun too! I’m planning on grilling hotdogs on the trailside with chips, brownies, and pop. Starting in May, all our summer meetings will start at 9am. Please note the time change.

Our club dues are due in May; $15.00 for individual, $20.00 for family, and $30.00 for businesses. Please make your checks payable to the Cuyuna Iron Range Riders and mail to our post office

Cuyuna Iron Range Riders PO Box 301 Crosby, MN 56441-0301

Please stay will us, we have some good rides planned for the year and our club is working on getting more trails in the area

To make things easier for our treasurer, Barb, you can send you dues in now she will have your membership cards made out ahead of time.

We have club election next month for President, secretary and one board member. It’s time for some new people; out with the old, and in with the new people. No pun intended. LOL

Please check on you friends and neighbors make sure everyone is ok. Have a great Easter weekend many of the churches now have on line services.

I’m looking forward to getting out on trails.

Ken Irish

Club president

ATV Club Meeting Saturday, March14th

Hi club members,

It is that time again,our club meeting is this coming Saturday at 10am at the Ironton Legion 232 4th Street. With this nice weather we may have an early spring. Last month we had our club appreciation lunch, we had a good turnout and the tacos were good. I will not be able to be at this meeting I have another commitment. Andrew will there to run the meeting.

We approved a small bylaw change. There needs to be at least the club president or vice president and one board member present to constitute a quorum at our club meetings. We got some good rides and some trail work days planned for the year.

ATVAM’s Vision meeting is March 20-22 at Treasure Island Casio in Red Wing MN. The cost is $25.00 for the Saturday lunch and Sunday morning pastries You can register on line ATVAM Vision Conference I will be attending. If there is anyone else that would like to attend our club will cover your lunch.

The North Metro ATV club has taken over managing the Pine Center trails and they are adding more trails. The comment period is now open, please send your support for this to Crow Wing county. I have also posted information on our clubs Facebook page you can see all the information and map.
Pine Center Trails

ATVAM’s is kicking off the riding season on May 15th & 16th at McQuoids Inn Isle MN The committee has a fun weekend planned. Starting on Friday evening at 6pm there will be fishing launch on Mille Lacs Lake $30.00 per person includes fishing rods, bait, life jackets, and food on the boat. You can bring our own fishing rods if you like.

Saturday morning the Isle Fire Department is hosting a sausage & pancake breakfast with coffee & juice. Guided rides will leave the parking lot at 10am. Dinner will start at 5pm for a roasted pig & turkey dinner with side dishes beverage & cake. $15.00 for adults kids 10 years of age and under are free. Door prize drawing at 6pm

Upcoming dates to keep open
• April 25th & 26 possible trail clean up weather permitting
• Region three all club meeting April 18th at the Legion 8:30-12:30
• Because of Brandon charity ride July 25th

• Pledge of Allegiance
• Approve February meeting minutes
• Treasures report – Barb
• ATVAM’s ride & roast donation – Andrew
• Sand Creek bridge – Russ
• Safe trail route into town – Russ.
• Camp Ripley Veterans State trail – Larry & Russ
• Anything else


I will see everyone next month.

Thank you,

Ken Irish

2020 Club Rides and Events

April 18th
Region 3 Meeting – 9am – 1 pm at Legion Ironton MN

April 25th
First trail clean-up / trail work day

May 9th
Second scheduled trail clean / work day. Possible ride day if clean up is not needed location decided then (all after meeting)

May 15th – 16th
ATVAM Ride and Roast at Isle McQuoid’s Inn

June 13th
Spider Lake to Hackensack

June 27th
Safety Training – 9 am, Ironton, MN

July 4th
Crosby Ironton Parade

July 11th
Cuyuna Iron Range Riders Club Picnic Miller Black Bear at Cabin

July 25th
Ride for Brandon – Mississippi Northwoods Trail

August 4th – 8th
Crow Wing County Fair

August 8th
Emily Outing Moose River Trail Ride

August 29th
Explore Minnesota Ride with Over the Hills Gang UPM – Blandin Trail

September 12th
Fond du Lac State Forest Trail Ride – Russ’s home area

September 18th-19th
ATVAM Fall Ride and Rally – Ely, MN Area

October 10th
Lawler Loops Trail to Solana Loop Trails

October 24th
Trail Clean up?

Cuyuna Iron Range Riders 2020 First Club Meeting Saturday, Feb. 8, 2020

Hi Everyone,

Our club meeting is this coming Saturday, Feb. 8, 2020, 10 a.m. at the Ironton Legion 232 4th Street.  We are going to have our club appreciation lunch everyone is welcome.  Our club is buying lunch.  Invite your 4 wheeling friends.  The legion has a taco special on Saturdays or you can order from the menu.

A big thank you, to everyone that volunteered to help with the Jaycee’s fishing contest.

Let’s make club plans for the New Year.

Turkey Time ATV trail
Would you please send your support for this new trail proposal in Carlton/St. Louis County?  This will add 15.6 more miles of ATV trails to the existing trail riding in the Fond du Lac State Forest.  Our club rode in the Fond du Lac forest three ago years, it is a nice scenic area.
This is Russel’s home town area, he know the trails very well.
The comment period ends February 11th

• Approve December’s board meeting minutes.
• Treasure report – Barb
• Bylaw change, our club is making a change to the bylaws article Vll section 5. This will better protect the club. New language added.
Article Vll, General Membership Meetings Section 5.
The active member’s and the president and or vice president plus one elected officer shall be present at any duly called meeting shall constitute a quorum.  Any formal action taken at any meeting of the membership shall require a majority vote. 
• Club brochure – Andrew
• Emily to Blind Lake trail update – Ken
• Club ride & trail work schedule
• Governor Walz’s bonding package – Ken
• ATVAM’s vision conference Treasure Island Casino March 21-22 You can register on line at
• Region 3 meeting April 18th at the Legion 9am -1pm
• OHV egress to Clint Converse & Greer Lake
Save the date for ATVAM Ride & Roast
TVAM’s ride & roast is May 15 & 16th at McQuoid’s Inn Isle MN
ATVAM is kicking off the riding season with a fishing launch on May 15th from 6 pm          -10pm it includes a guided launch on Mille Lac Lake with fishing rods, bait, life jackets    and food on the boat. You can bring you own fishing rods if you like. $30.00 per adult.
Saturday morning the Isle Fire department is hosting a sausage and pancake breakfast    with coffee & juice.
Guided rides will leave the parking lot at 10am
Dinner will start at 5pm for roasted pig & turkey with side dishes includes beverage &      cake $15.00 for adults, kids 10 years of age and under are free. Door prize drawing at        6pm.
You can register on line,

See you Saturday
Ken Irish
Club president


Thank you to you and your club members for helping again this year with the Jaycee’s Fishing Extravaganza!!  I was told by Andrew that they thought we did an “Outstanding” job again this year and that they couldn’t do the contest without our ongoing help. Please pass on the message to all those that helped and let the other club members know how much the JayCees appreciate our help with this event.

My list for next year’s needs say we need new Security Badges for the ATV’s and we need to send a plowing map to Andrew for next year. Anything else?


Darrel Palmer

Jaycees Ice Fishing contest January 25, 2020 – need volunteers

The Jaycee Ice fishing contest is coming up in January 25th. Darrel Palmer from the Central Lakes ATV club is looking for some volunteers to help with this event, both clubs provide perimeter security on the ice for the fishing contest. Bring your ATV and spend the day on the lake with us, we will be meeting about 6 a.m. that morning, the actual contest is from noon to 3 p.m.

Russ is our contact and chairperson. Please contact him with any questions and if you are able to help out.
Our club will receive $100.00 for each person that volunteers.

Jaceess Ice Fishing contest